June 07, 2002
not one ray gun

I have discovered that it is pretty much impossible to find retro B-movie sci-fi props for rent anywhere in the entire city of Los Angeles. WHY IS THIS? Is this not the movie capital of the universe? WHERE DO ALL THE PHASERS GO? I'll even settle for a space helmet! Even a broken dalek knockoff! I'll take a voltmeter with a gun barrel hotglued to it! I don't care! Why is it that I was able to find P. Diddy's mailbox, a 10 foot high plastic chicken, several hundred pounds of plastic sushi and a veritable arsenal of rubber AK-47's, but not a single ray gun? Why? WHY?

The reason for all this is my brother is designing the CD cover for the currently-being-recorded new album by a talented yet little-known pop-punk band called Staring Back. And like most of the stuff he does for Lobster Records, they a) have no budget and therefore they b) hire the art director's sister (that's me) to shoot stuff for cheap. So, after I got us lost somewhere near the Burbank Airport, we went to Lennie Marvin, ISS, Apex, and History for Hire in a fruitless search for anything vaguely retro sci-fi, and then just gave up and started calling around to the Hand Prop Room, Modern Props, and some other places I'd never even heard of before. NOBODY HAS RAY GUNS! NOBODY! Where does this stuff go? Are there really that many rabid Battlestar Galactica fans? It baffles me.

Posted by kia at June 07, 2002 10:10 PM

Caltech dumpsters. Not quite ray guns, but catch 'em on the right day and there's a hell of a lot of dials and knobs and switches and cables for a creative person with a glue gun.

Catch 'em on the wrong day and you get nothing but banged-up steel desks and smelly grass clippings, but hey, that's life.

Posted by: yami on June 12, 2002 02:35 AM
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