January 23, 2004
back in hellay

We're back, I've started my last term at Art Center and M's started his second at Santa Barbara CC, and our drive to Austin and back already feels like it happened last year. It was really really nice driving out there the slow way, and spending quality time with Kyra and Bug and Justin and David and Hank and Marianne and Fing and the Michaels and all the other nice people who came to eat dessert and see Batman and the audioanimatronic LBJ and let me sleep on their futons and pointed out all the good record stores and taught me how to play frisbee golf (poorly). By the end of the third day in Austin, M was wondering out loud if he should apply to the University of Texas. We left (it was really hard to leave Austin) on a Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning we were both sick with a horrible cold and it was pouring rain so hard it was impossible to see the road through the windshield in the predawn light in San Angelo, so we ditched our mission and drove back to LA from Texas in two days of solid driving on I-10 with one strange, short, almost accidental stop in Quartzsite, Arizona.

I still haven't downloaded all the photos off my camera, but I'll start posting them reeeaallly sooon. Promise.

Posted by kia at January 23, 2004 06:48 PM
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