December 04, 2003
jessica foster confections

About a year ago, my dear friend Jess started experimenting with making truffles. She took her first batches, made with fresh organic cream and dark chocolate, and started adding some offbeat flavorings to them. During her shift at Elsie's, she'd bring in the odd batch of rose petal, lavender, chai, or green tea truffles, which she'd give out while she was working behind the bar. Everybody who tried them was instantly hooked. Lots of us asked if she would be interested in selling them. For a while, she shrugged it off and insisted it was a hobby. After a few months of getting hounded by bar patrons with chocolate cravings, she realized that she really had something. I cornered her and insisted on at least designing a logo and some business cards for her. A couple weeks ago, she made batches of every flavor and asked me to come over and photograph them. It was fun. I don't think I've ever eaten so much amazing chocolate in my life. (It was hot! They were melting! Somebody had to eat them!)

Now she's selling her truffles all over the central coast, at coffee houses and bars, as wedding favors and banquet desserts. She also now has assortment boxes so you can try them too. You can get more information about her chocolates (and see more of my photographs) on her website. Order some. They taste even better than they look.

chocolateth03.jpg chocolateth02.jpg
chocolateth01.jpg chocolateth05.jpg
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