The cavalry is here! 

AI, robotics & retail expertise at your service

Are you a startup venturing in technology or retail? Are you looking for domain expertise, industry contacts, or best practices in enterprise development?

Special Ops is here to help. We are Bossa Nova veterans who built and scaled robots and cloud AI in 600 Walmart Supercenters. This experience taught us immensely, and we created Special Ops to share our learnings  with other startups to help them see around the corner and better run their business.

What we offer

We offer hands-on support where you need it most.

We will apply our experience and tailor our learnings to your business, conduct strategy sessions, advise on fund raising, technology, product, operations, sales, HR, and more, and connect you to specialized service providers  as needed.

Ready to engage?

How we engage

To get to know each other, we offer a free review of your investor pitch. We'll schedule two hours for a live session followed by a mini-strategy discussion.

If you decide to engage us, we'll tailor our fees to your development stage, i.e. Series Seed, Series A, Series B+. We're entrepreneurs and know that cash comes at a premium in the early stages.

More details, please!

We codified our lessons learned into a framework that's general for strategy, and specific for tactics.

General Framework

The framework facilitates strategy work through templates and examples borrowed directly from Bossa Nova.

It is intended to assist in refining your business plan. The strategy sessions would dive into one or more of the key topics depending on need.

Specific Framework

Series A Stage


Series Seed Stage


Robotics Startups


Retail Startups