Improve availability and customer satisfaction

Identify stock outs (and other issues) and provide field agents or in-store staff with instructions to correct the issue.

Retailers lose 4.1% of revenue

The average retailer loses 4.1%of their annual revenue due to out-of-stock merchandise

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Keep retail shelves stocked

Automatically alert retail management when shelves are empty.

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See the potential impact solving for out-of-stocks can have on retail businesses.

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The Problem

Out-of-stocks hurt the customer experience & bottom line


of Amazon's revenue comes from a shopper who experienced an out-of-stock at their local store.


dollars in revenue is lost annually across the retail industry due to out-of-stock inventory.


the average percent of revenue each retailer loses annually due to out-of-stocks.

Get out-of-stock merchandise back on the shelf

Expedite high value items to the shelf

Bossa Nova’s technology tells retailers which items should come off the truck first.

Predict which products to reorder when

Bossa Nova’s AI alerts retailers of likely out-of-stocks so that they can be re-ordered in advance.

Know which aisles need attention

Image-Based AI Analytics help retailers decide which aisles need immediate attention.

Enable e-commerce fulfillment

Enable e-commerce fulfillment with an accurate inventory count.

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