Image-Based AI Analytics

Bossa Nova worked with the world’s largest retailers to create the leading AI-based image capture and analysis engine based on the market’s broadest library of images of grocery and general merchandise products.

Let your clients see exactly what a shopper sees.

Leveraging Image-Based AI Analytics in your field or workforce management mobile app allows you to give your retail and CPG clients superpowers: that is, x-ray vision into the real-time status of their products, promos, planograms, shelves, stockrooms, and inventory.

How do we do this? Bossa Nova provides detailed product data for every image, including metadata. Our product data enables clients to analyze how well their products are performing, including comparisons. For example, clients can compare metrics such as planogram and promo execution across stores and regions.

With Bossa Nova Image-Based Analytics, you can provide real answers—not just estimates—to your retail and CPG clients. With real answers, your clients can save money, reduce inventory, avoid stock outs, increase sales, ensure adherence with contracts, improve planogram compliance, build the case for more shelf space, improve the in-store experience, customer satisfaction, and more…

Onboarding: Extensive Pre-Training Enables Fastest Enrollment Available Today

Bossa Nova has invested in pre-training its retail AI engine by working with the largest retailers in the world. What does this mean for you? It means that, with Bossa Nova, onboarding new customers and updating packaging is fast and easy.

Ultimately, Bossa Nova helps you grow your business faster as you add new customers and cut your costs for onboarding so that you can get started with providing services to your clients.

  • Onboard new CPGs and retailers quickly and easily
  • Rapidly onboard new products
  • Automatically update new packaging

Why Bossa Nova Image-Based Analytics


134M labeled product images across grocery and general merchandise captured in the stores of the largest retailers in the world


Interpretation has proven to be over 95% accurate across 26 categories within grocery and general merchandise with leading retailers


An image of a 4 ft section captured by a mobile device can be analyzed and returned in under 5 seconds

We use data from multiple capture sources

Our AI is capture agnostic. This means that it can use data captured from different types of sensors. Whether you'd like to use a mobile device, a robot or fixed cameras, we've got you covered.

1/ Mobile Devices

2/ Robots

3/ Fixed Cameras

4/ A Combination

How it works

Field associates, professional shoppers, “crowds”, and other agents take images of products, displays, and shelves in one or more stores.

Bossa Nova interprets the image in five seconds or less.

Bossa Nova delivers detailed product information, calculates analytics, and highlights issues.

Information about the products in an image includes:

  • The specific products on the shelf
  • Products missing from the shelf
  • Misplaced products
  • Pricing
  • Promos
  • And much more

Our customers record the images and the data from the images in their databases. Then, our customers deliver enhanced analytics for their retail and CPG clients, including:

  • Comparative performance analysis
  • Competitive insight
  • Contract adherence
  • Planogram optimization

The Fastest, Most Accurate Image-Based AI Analytics Available Today


labeled product images across grocery, and general merchandise, and consumables



Less than 5 seconds

to analyze and deliver data for an image of a four foot section


Provide Brands and Retailers with the Insights that Matter

8 years of leadership

in Image-Based AI Analytics

50 patents

owned and under license

121 billion shelf pictures


Proven 95% accuracy

in image interpretation across 26 categories within grocery, general merchandise, and consumables with leading retailers

Bossa Nova Image-Based AI Analytics

Superpowers for unbeatable competitive advantage, new revenue opportunities, and profitable growth.

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