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Case Study: Filling the Gap in Out-of-Stocks

Retailers are addressing the out-of-stock problem head-on with actionable real-time shelf data

The retail industry is innovating in new and exciting ways as it becomes more competitive than ever. With Amazon and other online retail sales growing exponentially every year, brick-and-mortar retail stores need to maximize every area of their business in order to see success. In the retail sector, ensuring that the right product is on the right shelf at the right time is essential. If it’s not, customers are likely to look for the product online or turn to a competitor’s store to find it. Every retailer knows that out-of-stock (OOS) is a critical issue, and yet it remains an unsolved problem for many businesses. So how can retailers better manage inventory in today’s fluctuating environment?

In this case study, “Filling the Gap in Out-of-Stocks”, learn how to address the out-of-stock problem once and for all with actionable real-time shelf data.

Dive into:

  • How big the out-of-stock problem is for retailers
  • How Bossa Nova's technology works
  • The ROI from a global retailer on how Bossa Nova detected more gaps and increased product availability 
  • Benefits our data provides beyond solving OOS, including planogram compliance, supply chain management and store forecasting and planning.

Gain access to the case study here.

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