Super Power:
Boost your customers’ profitability

Identify pricing errors and other issues then immediately direct field agents and in-store staff how to correct the issue.

A Data-Driven Customer Experience

Provide the information, the insight, and the conditions that lead to the best customer experience.


Bossa Nova uses Image-Based AI Analytics to assess the conditions in the store:

  • The products on the shelf
  • Pricing issues
  • The products missing from the shelf
  • Promotional issues
  • Misplaced products
  • And much more

This information can be conveyed to all of the appropriate parties. Corrective actions can be quickly assigned to:

  • Suppliers
  • Store Managers
  • Members of the supply chain
  • Employees

Shoppers enjoy a consistent and well planned experience, with the products, pricing and promotions that address their needs.

Bossa Nova provides the information, the intelligence, and the analysis that CPGs, Retailers, and others need for ideal customer experiences

Improve inventory available

Know which products need to be expedited to the shelf

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Correct planogram errors

Know that the right products are on the right shelves

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Consistent promo experiences

See promotional displays anytime, anywhere.

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Make sure the price is right

Make sure the price tag matches the price at the register.

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Enter a few data points to see how improving the customer experience affects the bottom line.

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