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We power the transformation of shopping for everyone.

By delivering the technologies and data to map the retail world, we enable our partners to redesign their retail operations and revolutionize the way people shop - every store, every product, every day.

Dependable inventory data

Detect out-of-stocks
Increase in-stock confidence
Locate products across stores

Improve operational processes

Reduce inventory audit time
Send task-oriented action messages 
Perform focused replenishments

Elevate customer experience

Build and retain customer trust
Provide precise stock availability
Support a full omnichannel experience

That’s a robot
in your store

Our robot automatically collects and analyzes on-shelf inventory data,
saving valuable time and money for the world’s largest retailers.
It drives autonomously through aisles, navigating safely
among customers and store associates.

Safety First!

Safety First!

In a busy store environment, we know how important it is that our robot has a sense of its surroundings. That’s why it can detect and avoid objects in an aisle - boxes, shopping carts, and even people!

Here to Help

Here to Help

Our robot takes care of the tedious shelf-auditing tasks, freeing up associates to focus on more important things, like the customer! It also provides vital cross-departmental information, making your store run smoother and more efficiently.



Our robot diligently scans the shelves and reports what’s missing. With real-time data, a store associate can replenish products before customers even know they were out-of-stock.

Proven Operational

At Bossa Nova, we’ve made it our mission to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the global retail industry. We collect terabytes of data that retailers use to increase on-shelf availability and improve the shopping experience.


Safe and reliable
Retail hardened
Clearly defined features


Proven autonomy
Sub-centimeter localization
Dynamic path planning


Best-in-class AI
CPG product database
Scalable services


Real-time data
Full store layout
3-D realogram mapping

Field Tested,
Customer Approved

  • Efficient, Frequent and Accurate Real-Time Inventory
  • Reduce Out-of-Stocks
  • Improve Shelving Conditions
  • Enhance Customer Experiences
  • Increase Confidence Thresholds for Product Availability Levels
  • Remedy Merchandising, Pricing and Promotion Compliance
  • Optimize Planograms Based on True Shelf Dimensions


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